The Story

The couple was convinced that the brand new motorcycle was defective.  Avid riders, they were out in the mountains, he on his Harley and she on her birthday gift, a touring model with only 12 miles on the odometer.  Suddenly, her engine roared, her rear tire slid out and she was down in the gravel on the far side of an intersection.

Most companies would have simply denied the claim.  But our client is not like most companies.  It sent us out with an in-house engineer and an outside consultant.  We started with the handles and linkages and ended up dismantling the throttle body.  We measured angles, stroke and everything else we could document, and we showed them every part at every step.  And then we reassembled it and drove it around town.  We demonstrated that there was nothing wrong with the bike, and left it to them to figure out (as they promptly did) that the cause of the crash was rider error.

Not only did we forestall a costly claim and lawsuit, we got happy and devoted customers, just by showing them and their concerns a little respect.