We got our start in Trademarks with a phone call. The GC of a company we’d never represented before was bedeviled by a trademark case in Hyderabad, India, where it sometimes takes 12 years to get a judgment. He wondered if we knew someone we could help. Not off the top of our heads, we replied (this was one of our stranger requests), but we’d look into it and called back. In about an hour, we’d gotten the name of the best trademark lawyer in all of India, chased him down in the dark of the Asian night and come up with a plan for getting the case moving. For that, one of our partners was rewarded with the task of registering all the new client’s trademarks all over the world pursuant to a new global trademark strategy we were asked to develop. Since then, we’ve handled a lot of trademark matters. It’s a fascinating area of the law, and our problem-solving approach works well in it.