Toxic Torts

If we had to think of one thing that sums up the prevailing state of mind in the realm of toxic torts, it would be that sign you see on the front of every office building in California. You know it. It’s the one that warns you that the inside of the building is teeming with substances known to the State of California to cause cancer. That’s the same state, we might add, whose official rock is asbestos.

We have yet to see anyone read that sign, turn on his heels and run the other way.

The world is full of chemicals. They make the world work. They make us work. After all, if you think about it, each one of us is 22% chemistry set and 78% tap water. So when we tackle a toxic tort case, we think that the best defense is a healthy dose of realism. We help the jury get past the fear and into the science so they decide the case with their heads and not their glands.