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    Richmond, Virginia 23230
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Professional Overview

Chris has tried over 135 cases to jury verdict in a career that has spanned 31 years, 48 states and one territory.  He has gone to verdict as far west as Los Angeles, as far east as San Juan, north to Detroit and south to Houston.  He has worked on countless other matters that were resolved short of a full blown trial.  Chris has handled an extraordinary variety of cases.  They’ve involved such issues as:

  • Products liability;
  • Commercial obligations;
  • Toxic torts;
  • Trademark infringement;
  • Patent infringement;
  • Contract fights;
  • Land development;
  • Local government;
  • Corporate domestic relations (the management and dissolution of limited partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held corporations);
  • Employment law;
  • International and local arbitrations;
  • Defamation and disparagement;
  • Community development authorities;
  • Tortious interference with business;
  • Criminal investigations and sentencing;
  • Insurance coverage;
  • Legal ethics;
  • Disputes between parents and educational institutions;
  • Cybersquatting; and
  • Zoning.

Chris believes that, with careful preparation and study, one can try any kind of case.  Nobody emerged from his warm, watery home into the bright lights of the delivery room knowing thing one about the law or the facts.  It’s all acquired knowledge.  The other lawyers have to learn it.  The judges have to learn it.  If they can do it, we can do it.  

Chris hits hard, but always above the belt.  One measure of his performance is that, on several occasions, companies and individuals he has litigated against have turned around and hired him to represent them in later matters.

Chris is licensed in Virginia and the District of Columbia.


University of Virginia, B.A. 1979
University of Richmond School of Law, J.D. 1982
(Associate Editor, University of Richmond Law Review)

Organizations, Honors, Publications and Speeches

Virginia State Bar
U.S. District Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia
U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado
U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia
U.S. Courts of Appeal for the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Circuits
District of Columbia Bar
D.C. Court of Appeals
Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys
Virginia Bar Association
American Bar Association; Past Chair, Tort Trials and Insurance Practice Committee
Defense Research Institute
Association of Ski Defense Attorneys, President 1996
St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Senior Warden 2013-2014
The Commonwealth Club

Rollover Litigation
ABA/TIPS National Institute on Emerging Issues in Motor Vehicle Product Liability Litigation
Phoenix, Arizona
March, 2002

Liability for Deceptive and Unfair Advertising
ABA Annual Meeting
Chicago, Illinois
August, 2001

Handling the Vehicle Aggressivity Case—The Defense Perspective
ABA National Institute on Automotive Product Liability
Phoenix, Arizona
April, 1999

New NHTSA Initiatives on SUV Handling & Stability
Fifth Annual Hot Topics for Defense Counsel
Newport Beach, California
November, 1998

The Future: High-Tech Courtrooms
Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys
Annual Convention
Charlottesville, Virginia
October, 1998

Selected Savory Issues in Evidence
Virginia Law Foundation
Norfolk and Richmond, Virginia
April, 1997

Discovery in the Computer Age
Japanese Automotive Manufacturers Association
Tokyo, Japan
November, 1996

Protective Orders
Product Liability Mega-Conference
Boston, Massachusetts
October, 1995

44 Important Issues in Personal Injury Litigation
Virginia Law Foundation
Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke and McLean, Virginia
April, 1994 & 2001

Best Lawyers of America 2016


Practice Areas

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  • Commercial Litigation

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  • Cyber Liability

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  • Defamation

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  • Drugs & Devices

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  • Employment

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  • Insurance Coverage

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  • Marine Products

    Our expertise is not limited to land and air. We do battle at sea, too.

  • Patents

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  • Products

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  • Sports & Recreation

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